Monday, October 15, 2007

week of the finishes!

I finished 19 projects in the last week! However this is the only one i have a picture of right now. Here's the list tho: 2 pillowcases, 5 flannel recieving blankets, and 12 runners/table pieces.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

quilty stuff

This is a shop sample for our "quilted holiday" at the quilt shop where i work.
This is a round robin that started life as a 6in block. It came home a few weeks ago. Its now about 20 inches square. I think i'm going to put it on point with more m&m fabric and make a big floor pillow.
These are the blocks i'm sending out for our quiltchat Chritsmas Appy swap. This was fun to do but i can tell i got better by the end of the last one than i was at the beginning. Its a good way to practice my appy.

custer buffalo roundup

This baby still had his umbilical cord attached, he's less than a week old!
the herd before round up. About 1500 strong! Every year they round up, brand, vaccinate, and sort the herd. Usually they do the round up on the first monday of October. They sell off a few hundred to keep the numbers even and to keep the herd healthy. We went out to see the excitement for the first time this year and it was very cool! The other pics are of the other critters we saw that day.
Wild turkeys, they are thick this year.
Big horn sheep. There were about 20 cars lined up to take thier pictures.

Got any treats?