Friday, May 22, 2009


Its over! Thank Goodness! This house has been nuts for the last couple weeks getting ready for this. I'm so glad its over-it was great to watch but I'm really glad that recital only happens once a year! Big sis was a vampire bat-why were we doing Halloween in may?
She did a great job. She's finally starting to look like a ballerina on stage as opposed to a little girl playing dress up.

Little brother got to be a scare crow. He was hilarious! Definitely a scene stealer. He gets so spoiled by being the only boy in the studio.

This is big Sam. My kids' favorite of the big girls. She was amazing, at least in my uneducated eyes. I sent her a copy of this pic and she kinda flipped-she was wondering who took it and was amazed that it was just me and not a pro. I think she's gonna have me enlarge it for her. She said she was hoping we were still here for her senior recital in 2 years so because she wants photos like this for part of her senior pics. Talk about a compliment and ego boost!

Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day

We decided to do a little bit of an unconventional mothers day here. So we went to Custer state park where we saw this little fellow eating a cracker tossed from the car in front of us. He got as close as i've ever seen a wild prarie dog-about 3 feet from our car. Now i'm not going to say he's truly wild, because he knows that food often comes from the cars that drive past his home.
This guy and his family were stopping traffic also, they look pretty raggety this time of year but all 8 that we saw last year are all still there after the hard winter we had.

Talk about your beggars! We had 5 of these friendly fellows trying to climb into the car with us. Did you know they like dill pickles? They ate the last couple from our picnic lunch.

And we went to Bear Country. These 2 were acting like mine-sneak attack as soon as somebody turned their back.

And we went to Reptile Gardens. Not as exciting as usual because its still too cool for most of the reptiles to be outside.
I have not sewn for a month, things here kinda blew up after easter. Randy got shipped to Afganistan, recital stuff is taking up a lot of time, all the typical end of the school year stuff, getting the kids ready to spend most of the summer at Grandma's, and trying to decide if i'm staying here or joining the kids(i'm staying). Just too much to think about for a while. But, not that Randy's gone and recital will be over this coming weekend I am hoping things will slow down soon.