Sunday, October 25, 2009

not quilting

This is what i've been working on lately. She's not done yet-she needs a hat and a cape, and maybe if i have enough black thread left a cauldron. I promised dd that she'd be done by Halloween but its going to be cutting it close. The hat wont take long but the cape might. I've been working on the cape today.
This was my other project today. Banana bread! Yes, i know the one little loaf is upside down. It broke when i took it out of the pan and i left it upside down to remind me to let the kids eat it. I love to bake, but banana bread is probably my least favorite thing to make. I cannot stand the smell of it baking so for me to make this much and have enough bananas to make about the same amount more tomorrow is pretty much torture to me. My husband's work is having a bake sale this week so this will all go to them along with at least a couple batches of cookies, some brownies, some other quick breads, and the rest of the banana bread.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quilts of Valor

I'm mailing off these 5 tops this week to my old guild in Germany to be finished for the wounded soldiers/marines/airmen/ect that arrive at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center(LRMC). When I lived in Germany and was a member of the guild I made bunches of Quilts of Valor(QOV) but when we moved here to South Dakota I could not find a group to work with on them so I kind of let that project go. However, this past year has been more difficult for the base and for me. We have had 2 active duty suicides, 1 war death, one major war injury and one or two other active duty deaths. I knew one of the suicides and one of the others so its been wierd/hard to just go on like nothing happened. This has been my outlet. After I pieced these and 2 more I quilted a while back I decided i needed to find a way to get them to the men and women who needed them. So, I emailed back to my old guild and they will take these and finish them. Then they will go off to LRMC for those who need them. Patterns are from: an oline mystery, alicia's not so top secret#1, my head, Judy L's most recent quilt for an hour, and my head again. I've got 3 or 4 more tops started from my various sized scraps but this box is full and the others will have to wait a while before they get sent on.

Monday, October 5, 2009

runner swap

I participated in a fall/halloween runner swap that was a bit unusual lately. The rules were to send FQs to one person, then they would make a runner out of them and send it back. The top runner is the one that I sent away the fabrics for and recieved back. I LOVE it. Its been patiently waiting for me to get the kids healthy enough to have time to clear off the table and set it out. Today that finally happened! The second one is the one that i made and had to send back. That was the hardest part! I loved this one too and really wanted to keep it here for us. But its been recieved and is being enjoyed by the recipient.