Sunday, October 25, 2009

not quilting

This is what i've been working on lately. She's not done yet-she needs a hat and a cape, and maybe if i have enough black thread left a cauldron. I promised dd that she'd be done by Halloween but its going to be cutting it close. The hat wont take long but the cape might. I've been working on the cape today.
This was my other project today. Banana bread! Yes, i know the one little loaf is upside down. It broke when i took it out of the pan and i left it upside down to remind me to let the kids eat it. I love to bake, but banana bread is probably my least favorite thing to make. I cannot stand the smell of it baking so for me to make this much and have enough bananas to make about the same amount more tomorrow is pretty much torture to me. My husband's work is having a bake sale this week so this will all go to them along with at least a couple batches of cookies, some brownies, some other quick breads, and the rest of the banana bread.

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Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Becky.. sorry I didn't not answer your email sooner. I didn't think to look on the blog posting for questions.. yes anything goes.. blues, purples, pinks, lime green in the brights ;) on the other block groups I would say pleasing to the eye .. because Christmas is full of wonder and color ;)