Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another top done

This is a swap quilt. We swapped bow ties with the Feedsack Friends yahoo group and after adding a few extras and some borders the top is done! It is also headed to Beth to quilt for me. I even ordered extra wide 30's repro fabric to send along for the backing.

pin cushions

These pin cushions are for a swap on my chat group. I was not really happy with either so my swappee gets 2! I know my swappee reads this so keep your eyes open ladies!

back to school

School starts today. I sent off Sami to 3rd grade and Jason got to start kindergarten today! They were both really excited.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quilt tops!

Quilt tops! The first one is all batiks made from a nickel swap from several years ago. This is the one i messed up so badly several weeks ago. All fixed and the back is ready so this will be hopefully quilted and done in the next week so.
This is another old top. I did this as a BOM sort of thing all in reproduction indigos, double pinks and shirtings. This one is in the mail today to Beth in MD to long arm for me!
This top was a mystery off the web and will be Sami's (my dd) Christmas gift. It is also off to a longarmer-who requested a reason to purchase a "cat" pantograph. The border is all cats and pumpkins.
And since Sami gets a quilt for Christmas, so does Jason. This was also an internet mystery. And since he's crazy for anything that has a siren this one has fire trucks all round the edges.

fire quilt #3

This is #3 of the quilts i'm doing for the victims of this years wildfires around here. There was one big one back in early july if i remember dates right and there are more little ones breaking out all the time so i'm sure we will loose more houses locally before the year is out.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

more ways to keep busy with out the kids

This ended up being a bigger project than i thought it was going to be. The pattern(ladies choice form atkinson) called for 1/2 yd of each color plus binding. I bought 1 yd of each of the 4 colors i used in these. I was planning for 2 of each colorway. And i ended up with 8 runners-4 of each colorway! I dont have binding for them found yet but i'm sure there's SOMETHING in my stash that will match.

Friday, August 10, 2007

since the kids are gone......

The kids went to mom's last friday for a 2 week visit. They are having a blast! Since i had the house to my self for a week i thought i better keep busy. So I worked a full 40 at the quilt shop and did major massive cleaning(even shampooing the carpets!) Then i thought it fair for me to go down to the sewing room.
First i made 2 little (10x15) bags to fill with extras for the kids to take to school. I'll put extra pencils and notebooks and so forth in these for the kids to give to thier teachers, just in case someone forgot or whatever.
Then I made the starter row for a robin i'm starting with one of my yahoo groups. Those little M&M guys have been in my stash since about 1999 or 2000. Its time to use them up!
Then istarted on table runners. First i did i Christmas one with jingle bells on it. Then i did the halloween one with the really cute skeletons on it. Both of these are still just tops but very cute i think.

thrifty gift pics for quiltchat

These pics are for Sarkarnor, i used the 12x12 scrapbooking paper and ended up with a box that was 4x4x2. Things to remember....thick paper does not crease nicely and can make the box look sloppy. And when trimming the bottom piece of paper, use a paper cutter or something to avoid the crooked cutting i did. I'm gonna try this again beacuse i remember my grandmother getting shorter boxes and rectangular boxes i think. But its been a lot of years since then so I am no longer sure if she did or not.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Doll quilt swap

I got my Dolly quilt this week! all the way from Finland. I had asked for a quilt for my antique dolly and this is wonderful! is my wonderful swappers blog. She also sent me chocolate! and some other fun things.