Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stocking set #3

I got my camera re-charged and here is the pic i promised of set #3. I think these are my favorites! They just look so rich/elegant. I've got set #4 cut out and fabs picked for set #5. I'm not sure I'm going to get that far but I'm having fun with these and its a good way to use up some of my holiday stash.

We are headed out to my mom's for the holiday weekend so I'll be off line for most of the weekend. Any one know how to transport a 38 in TV across the state with out the driver of the car realizing it? Walmart has them for under $400 on black Friday and Randy desperately wants one. Actually he'd like a 50+in TV but lets not get carried away! I wonder if i can talk my brother into a short visit between now and Christmas? He lives about 5 hours away-between here and mom's. He's coming home for Thanksgiving too. I could load it into his car for the trip to his house, then just have to talk him into bringing it out later. Definite possibility-good thing Randy does not read this blog!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stocking set #2

This is set #2. Set #3 is done but the camera battery is charging so i'll have to wait till later to post them. Since i only got one reply to my question about how many finishes-she got to make the decision. I'm adding 8 more finishes to the ticker up top. I made my yearly goal!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

stocking set #1

Set #1 is done. These are for my middle brother and his family. Now i have a question. Does this count as 4 finishes or only one because they are a set?

not quite done

This stocking is for my little brother. I have an identical one for his wife and 2 green ones just like it at the same stage of almost done. He's only got one son right now, but the pattern is for 4 at a time so I decided he can use the other green one for his dog for now and eventually i'm pretty sure they will have at least one more baby. The pattern is from the book "6 halves make a whole." I've got fabrics picked out for my other brothers and their families too but this one is closest to done. One brother gets some fancy glittery ornament fabric and the other gets John Deere fabrics. They are up pretty soon in the list. As in as soon as I can find a purple to match the ornament fabric and a yellow to go with the John Deere. I am truly hoping to get them done before Thanksgiving so I can give the stocking to the brothers when I see them so they get used this year.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

stripes again

I've been playing with some more of my stripe fabrics. I've lost count of how many runners and centerpiece tops i've pieced, but i've only done 2 of the star style. They are much more work and I dont really want to do many more of them. I Have fabrics to do 8-10 more of the star style, and probably about that many of the hexagons. I've about run out of steam to piece them so i dont know if i'll actually do them now or let them age a while longer in my stash.

before and after

This picture was taken on tuesday nov 4. This is the building where Randy works some of the time.
This picture was taken friday nov 7, the day after the blizzard. All of the doors to the building were buried and the guys had to stay put until they could get dug out later on friday.

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Day After

This is what it looks like the morning after the night before! Some of the these drifts are 6-10 feet tall. And we have discovered that there is a layer of ice under it all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

the weather outside is frightful.....

I was supposed to go to work this morning. Someone had other plans! The wind is blowing about 50 mph and its still snowing. I have no idea how much snow has actually fallen because all I can see is drifts. The second pic was taken out the front window at about 9 am. The first picture is out the garage door. Thats where we always get the worst drift. The car you can almost see belongs to the family in the other half of the duplex.

This is the basement. We have a gap where the house sits on the foundation apparently! we dug out the snow and stuffed the insulation back up in there but the landlord is getting a call about this as soon as the storm is over.

This is my front door. The INSIDE of my front door! The wind is blowing so hard its seeping in through the seal on the screen door.

This is the back yard. At 10 am today. There is another house that we should be able to see over top of this one.

Good day to go sew right?

Monday, November 3, 2008

messy stash?

Does this stash look organized to you? I dont think it does in the picture, but in person I can find what I need pretty quickly. This picture was taken about a week ago after I pulled my new project out of there. I guess I should say projects as in plural. I pulled out those stripes that i've already started working with and some veggie prints for a lap/twin.

I have used a NET of 308 yards this year to date. My goal is 365 so i'm really getting close. The thing about this stash is it now all fits on the shelves! Well, all but the flannel and garment fabrics. It did not last year when i started keeping track. My long term goal is to have the bottom row of cubbys holding my ufo's, pigs, and wips and the next row up holding my scrapbooking/yarn/beads/all the other craft stuff. Or vice versa. Yarn ect on the bottom? whatever. Either way I have 12 cubbies to empty. Thats a lot of fabric to use up but I think if i can keep up with the 365 again next year i'll be getting close.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Night

Its time to trick or treat! I cannot believe how much candy these kids came home with. More than we handed out thats for sure. We had 3 friends come with because they live in an area with fewer people. It was nice enough that Sami wore short sleeves while trick or treating. Thats amazingly warm for around here this time of year. Snow and rain are much more common than confortable temps.

This Is a friends dog, Gracie. I know her costume is kind of a cliche but it was really cute and she's a sweetie. The family pic was taken monday so we could show off all of our costumes. Tank's helmet does not stay on very well, but he's cute even with out it.