Monday, April 19, 2010

Two more finished

Not the best quilt i've ever made-can you say wavy? this one waves more than any i've finished. I basically quilted it into submission!
This one is a replacement. My mom gave the other bugs quilt to the wrong baby and was too embarrased to ask for it back so i had to start over.

more finishes

This first finish is a round robin from a while back-so its a ufo off the list. The Hearts quilt is #3 from a set of swap blocks from last year i think. So thats another UFO down!
I made 3 of these little blue and white baby quilts. The goal was to have a couple extras around since i've got a whole stack of girly baby quilts but they have all been claimed already! Not ufos, darn it!
These last 2 have been given to a couple cousins who are expecting their baby boys this summer. Both asked for blue and brown quilts so i had a hard time making 2 the same colors but making sure they did nto look alike!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

baby quilts

Just some baby quilts from swap blocks i've recieved in the last couple years. i've been busy finishing things the last few weeks.