Thursday, October 30, 2008


We got our pumpkins done for Hallowe'en! Only a couple of them actually count as "jack o lanterns" The rest were just fun. This one is mine(actually 2 little ones stacked on top of each other)
Side one of hubby's, his has 2 flat sides so he got to put the batface and......

The ghost on it! I love this side, almost better than mine!

This is J's he wanted to make daddy put the puppy toenails on the pawprints but daddy said no way cause it takes too long.

And this was Sami's. She even did most of the carvign herself. Pretty good for a 9 year old. It really does have lower legs/feet but they were very hard to take pics of.

headed home

The kids had dance class yesterday, and these were taken on the way home. The first is just the prarie across the way from the house, I love the way the sun makes the long grass look really gilded right as its going down.
She was out by the old monestary with about 10 of her friends. She got her picture taken because she was closest to the road.

This is the same prarie as the first picture but taken facing south instead of west. I thought it showed how desolate it can be out here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

yipes! stripes!

I have been planning these runners for at least a couple yearsor more since I first saw the idea in a magazine. I even purchased stripes just for this project and kept them all together instead of filing them in the stash like I usually do with new purchases. The bad thing is I got really carried away with the purchases. I have another snow man top done but since its the same as the first I did not take a picture of it. I have another 12-14 yards of assorted stripes to make more runners with. They are really fast and I am not using any sort of pattern-just my 60 degree ruler and the remembered picture in my head.

hide and seek

These are the military dogs that hubby is in charge of training. At least some of them. I took hubby some lunch and decided to follow them around for a while and see what I could learn . Mostly i learned to stay out of the way or get knocked over when they are on the scent! Rudy the puppy(by the trashcan) tried to knock me over in his hurry to find the training aid(fake bomb) Big rex(trying to pull his handler over) is a big baby but he's very noisy. He scares the non-handlers on a regular basis. I love him except he kept trying to make sure my camera was not a bomb. I had to keep wiping nose prints off the lens! Slovak(on the bed) has the best nose but absolutly no aggressiveness. So he's great on hide and seek but lousy at apprehending anyone.

I was out watching these guys instead of sewing like I had planned today. Guess what...I did not get much done!

Friday, October 24, 2008

short list

Since I finally got my last short list done here I go again:
  • sami dresses-DONE OCT 28
  • Christmas stockings(3sets+1)
  • tree skirts(4)
  • red and white(needs basted)
  • blue and yellow(needs basted)

lets see how fast I can get these done.

Finally sewing again

I started these runners last winter. I had kinda intended them to be Christmas gifts last year but as usual time got away from me. Anyway they are ready to go this year, the top one is already boxed for a secret santa gift!
This is a seriously lousy picture....but since its just the top I am hoping i'll be forgiven when I put up pics of it finished. I love the fabrics in this quilt but I do not like the way it turned out. I could not find any of the reds for the border and i dont like the green that i did use. This started life as a jelly roll of Moda's "Holly Jolly" line that I purchased last fall. I have ordered the new moda "Merry and Bright" red for the back of it. The 2 collections are done in the same colorways but different prints.

Friday, October 10, 2008

2 more finishes

This is a wall hanging that dh cut out for me. its much brighter in person but it shows off all the intricate cutting this way too.
This is about 72 or so square. It started life as a 18 in rr center and came back to me a while ago. I added the appys because it seemed kinda dark with out them. I quilted spider webs in the top black space and "boo" ober and over int he outer borders. All the white glows in the dark. Its so fun to see but it kinda scared the kids because they did not know what it was last night.