Wednesday, January 23, 2008

something new and fun

For Christmas my kids got $ from their great-grandparents, enough to do 6 weeks of this:

I know these are lousy pics but you get the idea-they are ICE SKATING! I have only been skating about twice in my life, dh has never been, and now the kids are taking lessons! We have done lots of extra curricular type activites but this is a new one for us and the kids are loving it. At least most of the time. Except when this happens! Poor Jason...he had a big bruise on his tush from that fall.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Christmas Quilts

Late Pics i know, but i made 2 of these for my brothers for christmas. They ar eboth big Chicago Bears fans so i had my LA friend put footballs on these. They were a BIG hit for both brothers.
This is a top i made with fabric i had laying can see i was short by 2 rectangles. Its a baby top and i think it took me about 2 hours from cutting to ready to baste.
This quilt was a monster! Its 102x102. I made the top then sent it to my sister to arrange for the longarmer. This was a new to us longarmer-the only thing i have to say is WOW! her work is amazing-she did custom work inthe stars and it turned out great! My sis paid me for this top then gave it to her mother in law for Christmas.

sunday quilt chat

This is a wonderful blog that got this idea from...i think her's is better written than mine. I used DD's coat to cut out the hood pieces.
Sewed the hood together on 2 sets of fleece(inside and outside of the hood) Then i sewed one hood to a plain piece of fleece for the scarf part.

Next I sewed around the face opening to add the second piece of the hood. I did not add a second scarf part, mostly because i did not have anymore fleece.
I hand sewed the bottom edge of the inside of the hood to the scarf so i did not have raw edges showing. Here's DS showing his off!