Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hide and seek

These are the military dogs that hubby is in charge of training. At least some of them. I took hubby some lunch and decided to follow them around for a while and see what I could learn . Mostly i learned to stay out of the way or get knocked over when they are on the scent! Rudy the puppy(by the trashcan) tried to knock me over in his hurry to find the training aid(fake bomb) Big rex(trying to pull his handler over) is a big baby but he's very noisy. He scares the non-handlers on a regular basis. I love him except he kept trying to make sure my camera was not a bomb. I had to keep wiping nose prints off the lens! Slovak(on the bed) has the best nose but absolutly no aggressiveness. So he's great on hide and seek but lousy at apprehending anyone.

I was out watching these guys instead of sewing like I had planned today. Guess what...I did not get much done!

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swooze said...

Yes but you got some great pics!