Monday, November 3, 2008

messy stash?

Does this stash look organized to you? I dont think it does in the picture, but in person I can find what I need pretty quickly. This picture was taken about a week ago after I pulled my new project out of there. I guess I should say projects as in plural. I pulled out those stripes that i've already started working with and some veggie prints for a lap/twin.

I have used a NET of 308 yards this year to date. My goal is 365 so i'm really getting close. The thing about this stash is it now all fits on the shelves! Well, all but the flannel and garment fabrics. It did not last year when i started keeping track. My long term goal is to have the bottom row of cubbys holding my ufo's, pigs, and wips and the next row up holding my scrapbooking/yarn/beads/all the other craft stuff. Or vice versa. Yarn ect on the bottom? whatever. Either way I have 12 cubbies to empty. Thats a lot of fabric to use up but I think if i can keep up with the 365 again next year i'll be getting close.


Ruthie said...

GREAT JOB on using your stash!

JudyL said...

I don't think your stash looks messy at all! Congratulations on using so much of your stash!