Thursday, November 20, 2008

not quite done

This stocking is for my little brother. I have an identical one for his wife and 2 green ones just like it at the same stage of almost done. He's only got one son right now, but the pattern is for 4 at a time so I decided he can use the other green one for his dog for now and eventually i'm pretty sure they will have at least one more baby. The pattern is from the book "6 halves make a whole." I've got fabrics picked out for my other brothers and their families too but this one is closest to done. One brother gets some fancy glittery ornament fabric and the other gets John Deere fabrics. They are up pretty soon in the list. As in as soon as I can find a purple to match the ornament fabric and a yellow to go with the John Deere. I am truly hoping to get them done before Thanksgiving so I can give the stocking to the brothers when I see them so they get used this year.

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swooze said...

That is really pretty. I like your table toppers below as well. And here I was worried you wouldn't make your goal of 60 finishes!