Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Quilt tops!

Quilt tops! The first one is all batiks made from a nickel swap from several years ago. This is the one i messed up so badly several weeks ago. All fixed and the back is ready so this will be hopefully quilted and done in the next week so.
This is another old top. I did this as a BOM sort of thing all in reproduction indigos, double pinks and shirtings. This one is in the mail today to Beth in MD to long arm for me!
This top was a mystery off the web and will be Sami's (my dd) Christmas gift. It is also off to a longarmer-who requested a reason to purchase a "cat" pantograph. The border is all cats and pumpkins.
And since Sami gets a quilt for Christmas, so does Jason. This was also an internet mystery. And since he's crazy for anything that has a siren this one has fire trucks all round the edges.


Kathy Wagner said...

Great quilts!
Sounds like you enjoy mystery quilts as much as I do!

swooze said...

Wow nice quilts. Beth said she is quilting the indigo one! Lots more finishes on the way!