Friday, November 6, 2009

Finished by friday

I promised myself that I'd finish at least one small crafty project every day for the rest of the year. Now I am sure that I am probably not going to be able to keep it up but so far I'm doing good. Some of the projects I've got lined up are 10 or 20 minute projects, but that's OK. Its still something i want to do and hopefully this list will keep me on track. So far I've finished 5 off the list of 17. I'll keep adding to the list as i think of things. The list has projects from across the spectrum on it, everything from swap blocks, sleep pants, baby quilts, towels to applique all the way to the candle decorations I've already finished and crochet doll clothes. So here's pictures of the first 5. Two afghans, the red white and blue one will probably get donated to the women's shelter or something similar. The multi colored one that i obviously used differing dye lots on is for the dog's kennel. The candles were just gussied up by adding vellum and some peel and stick rhinestones. I made up several more for christmas but since i only have 3 candles i'll have to wait to use them. And since the christmas ones are still flat they will stay nice and not get crumpled. The hand towels just got some ribbon added to store bought towels. I've made up 4 that match and have 2 more pairs in different colors to do still. All 8 of those will end up as christmas gifts for neighbors or coworkers i think. I made 2 of the runner and they have been sitting for quite a while in the finished pile even though they really weren't. I had never done the blanket stitching around those stars. And now i can't even remember why?

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