Friday, June 29, 2007


why did i want 2 jobs this summer? why did i think the kids would like going to a sitter every day? why in the world did i take a job an hour away?

I have not worked full time since before Jason was born-5 years ago. Yet this summer i find myself doing just that-40 hour weeks split between 2 jobs. The last time i worked full time it was easy, just one child, dh around most of the time, no pets(except fish), no yard work, and a smaller house. My how things have changed! Now there are 2 kids, a dog, a bigger house, dh is deployed and i'm in charge of the lawn too! I dont know if i'm enjoying working full time or not. I love the quilt shop job except for the drive out there., no i take that back, i like the drive out there too cause its beautiful. Its just a little longer than i would prefer, especially after work when i'm tired. My photography job kinda sucks in the summer. Mostly cause i'm bored out of my gourd! We can go whole days there with out a single customer. If any one wants family portraits done-try Sears in the summer. I'll almost guarantee no waiting. Closer to Christmas it gets very busy, but for now i am wishing i could just take the summer off from there! I have taken frog stitching to sears for when i'm bored and gotten more done there than i would have at home.

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