Monday, July 7, 2008


The first 3 were taken at Mt Rushmore-amazing display but incredibly crowded. We sat for an hour at the car after the show with out even turning the key. The last pic is from the city fireworks, i have a light pole inthe middle of it because i did not know exactly where it would be coming from and by the time i figured it out it was too late to move. I had never taken fireworks pics before so this was a new trick for me. I bought a little bitty table top tripod for the camera just a day before the fireworks just so i could try this.

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Moneik said...

The fireworks are beautiful! We didn't go this year as I was working, but I use to work at Mt. Rushmore, so I've probably seen them 8 times. They are simply amazing! Nice to see another person from SD in blog land.