Sunday, November 11, 2007

stocking tutorial

Here's the stocking we are making!

I made my quilted fabric out of 2 print for the outside and blue for the lining. Basted and meander quilt-then cut out a stocking shape.
I sewed them together right sides in with a 1/4 seam then went over the seam with a zigzag to make it a little stonger, after all we want santa to fill them full up!
Measure the top edge of the stocking and cut a cuff piece-5in x your width plus 1/2 in. Sew short sides together using a 1/4 seam.
Fold in half so long edges are together..
Pin cuff to lining. Insert a 4in piece of ribbon to hang the stocking with, making sure the ends of the ribbon stick out the top of the seam like mine. ok, maybe not quite as far, but you get the idea!
Turn every thing right side out and top stitch the top edge to completly encase that seam and you are done!

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