Friday, August 22, 2008

yellowstone trip

We spent almost a week in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks at the end of July. There is no way to really blog about all we saw and did. It was an amazing trip. The best parts were seeing all the stuff I learned about when i was in college when i took a "geology of the national parks" class and all the animals we saw. The bad parts were freezing our hind ends off at night becouse it got down to the mid 30's every night and not getting to see a bear or a wolf like we wnated to. This first pic is an old mormon barn that stands in Teton Park. Those are the teton mountains behind it.
This is one of dozens of lakes we saw-this one was early am the day we headed home. We did not keep track of all the names of all the lakes because there were just too many.
One of the little critters that came into the campgrounds. He was by the showers looking for handouts.
You will probably have to enlarge this but its a huge herd of elk and the pic only shows a small part of the herd.
And of course-Old Faithful. I did not realize that it was so loud when it erupted!

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