Monday, September 22, 2008

a new short list

I finally got all 5 off my short list from last week. That worked really well because I was trying really hard to avoid my queen(I'll post pics ASAP). So now I need to think of a new "short list"

  • appy horse wall hanging(needs quilting and binding) done oct 9
  • Halloween rr(needs quilting and binding) done oct 9
  • Braid runners-6 (need basting etc) done oct 15
  • holly jolly runners(still need assembling)-done oct 23
  • library bags for donation(waiting on pattern)-18 mailed oct 23

There, that ought to be about right. That gives me 7 UFOs and 2 new projects. My sis talked to our hometown librarian about the bags, apparently they give out smallish bags to the kids who come to the library for the first time. One of the ladies in town has made and donated a bunch, but they are all flowery which works great for the girls but not so much for the boys. So I've pulled some juvenile and patriotic prints and as soon as I get the pattern I'll get busy on them. I could probably do them with out a pattern but I want to keep them close to uniform.


swooze said...

Go Bekky!! Wow great job. Lists are amazing aren't they?

Bizarre Quilter said...

Wow! I am impressed! Only 7 UFOs. I like your little list. I work that way too. It gives me flexibility and focus. :)

Loz in Oz

Lori in South Dakota said...

Love lists. Helps me stay focused. And I an eagerly waiting to see your appy wall hanging. hehe--I have a leopard app gelding, so you can see why I'm interested!