Thursday, July 5, 2007

Gift Chat for SarKarNor

I spend lots of time chatting online with #quiltchat, and one of the ops there has started a "gift chat" to help find quick and easy projects to do for presents. I offered to be a "guest teacher" so here goes!

This is the unquilted and un bound version of what we are making. Finished Size about 25x25 inches. You will need:

1fq focus fabric(my pumpkins)
1/2 yd of color #1(border 1 and binding)

1/4 yd of color #2

Cutting instructions
Cut the fq to a 17x17 square
cut 4 squares of color #1-6x6inches

cut 1 strip 2 1/2 wide of color #1

Cut 3 strips 2 1/2 wide of color #2

save extra color #1 for binding

Using the Color one squares and the Focus fabric make a oversized snowball block by sewing diagonally corner to corner. I also sew a second seam 1/2 in from the first to get a HST for another project.

press these borders out then trim the visible part to 2 1/4.

Most folks will tell you to measure and pin a border. In this case, because they are so short I did not. Add the color one strip to the other 4 sides. Press and trim the angles. IMPORTANT: trimming the angles helps a lot in getting things to go together right. Do not skip this step.

Starting on the sides you added the original triangles to sew the color 2 borders on 4 sides. Press and trim the angles. Lastly add the other 4 sides. Again, press and trim angles. See the first picture. Now it's ready to baste, quilt and bind.

I'm attempting to quilt a big pumpkin in the middle of this topper. I'll let you know if it works.

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Sarah Nopp said...

Thank you so much for volunteering your ideas and help! I am glad this chat hour is getting good response so early on. And I really appreciate that you are willing to help me :)
My current plan is to make this in a Thanksgiving theme. And maybe a cat theme... And I have a LOT of sunflower fabs...
And your idea to use these for hostess gifts around the holidays is great.
Thanks again!