Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Quilt Shop

This is Mistletoe Rnach and the Quilt Corral where i work. Its not a very good pic but its a great place to shop. We boast over 6000 bolts of fabric, but with as much as arrived in the last couple weeks i'm guessing closer to 6500..maybe even 7000! The house part has tons of Christmas items and villages for sale and the quilt shop has been added on to the left side and back of the house. And yes...i do manage to take MOST(but never all) of my paycheck home.


Sarah Nopp said...

wow, that is a dangerous place to work!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm jealous! I would love to work in a quilt shop. It looks like really cute place from the outside, too.

mary said...

I just happened across your blog. I have been to your quilt store and was amazed. I wish it was closer to chicago IL. The staff was wonderfully helpful and friendly and the fabrics were amazing