Thursday, February 14, 2008

done list!

I have all 7 things on my week's to do list done! welll....sort of. The wildlife quilt was supposed to get 10 extra blocks but it only got 5 because thats all the fabric i had left. Either way its ready for borders now. I dont think i'll be able to put up pics of the wildlife top or the finished film quilt until i get back from mom's on monday because i have no "quilt holders" around today.

while at mom's i get to go fabric shopping! i need to find: borders for the wildlife quilt, Moda purple for a RR, fancy purple(satin or velvet) for ds's dance costume, and maybe some easter dress fabric for dd. I've been trying hard not to buy fabric just beacuse i want it. Its been mostly working, so far this year i've only bought 13 yards. These upcoming purchases all are needed not just wanted so i feel justified going shopping! I also need to dig around....i think i have a full up frequent buyer card from a while back for one of the shops by mom's house. I might even get the borders for the wildlife quilt "free" with it!

One pic of something else i've been playing with this week: learning to decorate cakes!

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