Monday, February 25, 2008

second verse same as the first(monday's to-do list)

I got nothing accomplished this week, so...(insert last weeks to-do list here!)
  1. Borders on Wildlife quilt
  2. Round robin
  3. Row robin
  4. quilt/bind batik diamonds quilt
  5. quilt/bind Christmas bells runner
  6. bind bowtie quilt that is back from Beth!
  7. start baby boxes for brad's and mark's babies

Dd was sick when we arrived home from mom's and was home from school all week. About the time she started feeling better i was feeling sick. Now i'm finally almost better and guess who's got a fever today? Ds so now he is going to miss much of this week of school unless he bounces back much faster than dd and i did.

The other problem i have this week is i cannot find some pieces i was going to applique for a shop sample. I got the fusible on the backs of about 15 pieces, each about 3 or 4 inches square and they have all disapeared! I have more fabric and more fusible but i already did that! I dont wanna do it all over! HHHMMM.....guess i'm not really feeling that great yet-cause i'm whining!