Wednesday, March 12, 2008

catch up pics

I've got a couple pics that have been requested and i've been slow to upload them so here goes. This is a round robin made with red and blue 30's reproduction fabrics with one of my yahoo groups. It's going to have one more dark border then i'll be ready to baste it. So far its about 50 inches square.
Ok Beth-here ya go! Its all done and is wonderful to snuggle under. Dh had a hard time getting tall enough to hold it for a pic, he had to stand on the arm of the couch for it to work. I did not realize when i was putting it to gether that it was that big! The 30's repro bowties were a swap done with the same yahoo group that the round robin was. Are we seeing a theme here? Oso (the dog) thought dh was playing hide and seek which is his favorite game so it was hard to get the pic with out the dog trying to "uncover" and find dh. Funny game but not one allowed to be played with quilts because that dog has some big teeth that he uses to pull the blanket off whoever he is playing with. The usual hide and seek blanket has several holes in it from the game.