Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This is what's left of the about 40 yards of valentines fabric i had. The biggest piece is 2 yards and the rest is all smaller than fq i think. I have 2 full sized tops, 3 lap sized, and a couple extra blocks and runners out of what i had.

This is an empty cubby that used to be overflowing with my m&m prints and a few other prints.

And this is my next target. There are probably 45-55 yards of fabric in this crate. I'm just guessing at how much is in there, but i know its more than the amount of Valentines fabric that I used up. At a guess i'm looking at 6-8 twin to full sized quilt tops! Yikes! As for what am i gonna do with all those quilts when i'm done? well....thats a VERY good question! OH! and i just remembered that i have 2 big pieces of st pats flannel, that means i have at least 2 backs for all those quilts too. I'm giving my self until the end of april to get all the st pats tops done, then i'll start on the easter fabric i have. Believe it or not this stash of holiday prints came from a desire to make runners for my family members. Even after i make all these quilts i'm still going to have plenty i think.

Back a while I posted this picture:

And at the time i said it was almost all of my stash. Since then i've been keeping track of how much stash i've used. So far this year i'm at something like 140 yds used! And i've brought about 30 yards in for the year to date. Not too shabby right? Well check out these pics.


total said...

nice design

total said...

nice design

Helen in the UK said...

140 yds used - wow!! You're doing a great job on the stashbusting :)