Thursday, March 27, 2008

whatever's left

This is the second turning 20 quilt top i've made with my valentine's fabric. Queen sized..again! Dh is completely confused as to why i needed to make 2 big ones like this. He says i should try to sell one, and i'd actually be ok selling both-either as-is or if i can figure out how to quilt and bind them. I've gotten enough of the buggy barn valentines blocks squared up that i can start assembling those 2 full size tops tomorrow. I have put away what i have left that is a FQ or bigger and what's smaller than that i'm doing crumb/string blocks with. I do not know what i'll do with those blocks in the long run but for now they are just content to be "in-process" until i have enough for a baby or lap quilt, then i can donate the top to the local guild for charity.


Helen in the UK said...

What a great pair of quilts - but then I am a BIG fan of red!! I can understand why your DH was confused by 2 large red valentine print quilts :)

Greenmare said...

wow! those are some real Valentines! just beautiful!

Alycia said...

Both of those turned out really neat. Now if you get them quilted they will be ready for the next valentines day! And theres a quilt for you and DH - see - there a reason for 2!