Thursday, March 13, 2008

Summer Dresses

My DD had the exact opposite problem that i do when it comes to clothes. She's tall and skinny and well......i'm just not. So I made her some new summer dresses so they would actually be long enough. I put a size 10 bodice(which is kinda big) onto a size 14 skirt. And i'm still wishing i'd have added another 2 inches to that hem. The dresses just hit her at the knee so they are ok, but I have always prefered hems that come about 1 in below the bottom of the knee cap.


Chaney said...

Beautiful dresses..! I too sewed some plus size dresses for my sweet daughter. She looks very beautiful in new dress.

Elissa said...

You really done a great job..! These summer dresses are fabulous.