Wednesday, March 12, 2008

She's right again

These little wall hangings are about 6x24 and designed by Patch-abilities. The LQS where I work decided to do them as a mini-class once a month and i got elected to make the samples. Now these top 2 were employee chosen colors and are cute enough. The bottom 2 are boss/owner suggested colors. What do you think? She's right again isn't she? My boss is a wonderful woman, incredibly talented and probably gets more done in a day's time than most people get done in a week. But does she have to be right every time? I have to make 2 each of 12 different designs in the next year, so far i have 4 ready to bind and the fusible part done on 4 more. I've also got the 4 after those cut out. That will put me at halfway and I can't wait to get them done and turned in so i dont have tho think about it anymore. I just hope they don't expect me to teach them too!

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