Thursday, December 25, 2008

end of the year tally

I've started my counting for the end of the year, these are final numbers to the best of my knowledge. I have 23 baby or bigger tops that will carry over to 2009 as UFO's. I have 35(i think) runners or other small projects that will carry over as ufo's also. I have 18 other projects that are not to the top stage that also count. That makes my total ufo starting point for 2009 - 70 projects. If I can keep up my 60+ finishes a year it could be possible to finish them all, but i'm not counting on it.

Thats the bad news, now the good news for stashbusting: I used a net total of 394 yards of fabric this year! I finished 77 quilty projects and 150 other projects. Many of those other projects were multiples-like the 65 stockings I sent to Iraq, and the 21 pillowcases i made for Christmas gifts. But done is done!

I'll have pictures of the last 2 sets of stockings i finished this week as soon as I can get on the main computer. And I'll be asking a border question on the Mystery quilt I started today.

Merry Christmas!


swooze said...

Great job! If you can't finish all the UFOs maybe you can have a goal to get them a step or two closer to a finish at least.

Helen in the UK said...

That's quite a tally of UFOs!! But if you keep momentum going from this year, you'll definately start 2010 with a whole lot less!! I'll be routing for you :)

Passionate Quilter said...

holy toledo! That is an awesome report--you are ONE busy lady! And good for you getting so much done and so much for others as well. My UFO count never seems to waver as I start as many as I finish. I teach classes and I'll blame it all on that..LOL. But I admire your fortitude in keeping up the pace all year. Good luck in 2009.