Thursday, December 11, 2008

troop stockings

Since Randy is in the Air Force, I end up doing a lot of military related crafting. Our spouses group collected old desert uniforms and helped me cut them up to make stockings for the troops "downrange" (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc) All we used was the backs of the shirts for simplicity's sake. I was not about to take the time and effort to pull all those seams apart. We cut out about 110 stockings-there are 20 in each of those bags. That means i have 60 finished and ready to mail. The other 50 or so are sewn front to back but no cuffs or hanging loops yet. I don't know if I'm even going to try to finish them. We only have about 45 people downrange right now so I'm not worried about having enough to go around. They measure about 7 inches long when finished. I still have 3 more shirts i could cut up, but i think they are going to get put away for next year. I'm kind of burnt out on this project and i still have a bunch more sewing to do before Christmas.

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