Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another blizzard

This was the view out my garage door at about 10 am on Tuesday morning. See the house across the street? Nope? i couldn't even see the street! This is the third big blizzard we have had in the 2 1/2 years we have lived in South Dakota. Last May was the first, last november was the second(and the worst of the 3).
Isn't this drift neat? Hubby thought the pic looked like I was in a Helicopter flying over the desert. He would know, he's been there!

Sunset Tuesday evening. I love this picture!

This is facing our house after the storm. I climbed over the drift to take pics and see how bad it was once we got away from the house.

How tall are yield signs? 8-9 feet? They completely buried that sign when they were digging out the road that Sami is standing by.
Now you would think that with all this snow i'd have spent some time sewing, right? nope! There are gaps in the basement walls caused by poor craftmanship when building this house, so we had snow and wind in the basement while the storm was raging. And by the time the storm quit we still had 40 + MPH winds so that basement was COLD!! Thanks goodness the rest of the house hold heat well. I did however cut out several scrubs tops for my mom and perhaps my SIL to wear to work at their hospitals. And I cut out some more summer dresses and sleep pants for the little people I know, like my neices and nephews and a neighbor girl.

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