Saturday, March 21, 2009

Easter runners and stash quilt

I was following Judy L's stash quilt instructions and got a music quilt this week. This is bigger than she wrote the instructions and I ended up with a long narrow quilt. Not quite what i wanted so i added large side borders and then an all around smaller border and it ended up 66x86. Perfect for a Twin bed even if i dotn know whose twin bed that will be!
This is the pattern from our once a month "sunday brunch" at the LQS. We get together and eat and then she hands out a runner pattern. I have not had a chance to make any of the other runners but this one seemed to need to be done before easter. This is not the colors the teacher used-she used greens and purples which was very cute but in the intrest of being a Stashbuster I used fabrics i had at home-except the dark purple which will be the binding too.

This runner was from the leftover bits from the first one-much smaller but still fun. I'll use the dark purple i used in the other runner for binding.

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