Friday, March 20, 2009

candy cakes

I've been a follower of "the poineer woman" for a while and i've learned a bunch from her. But now she's helped me go a little crazy. She had "bakerella"http:// over to visit and made what she called cakepops. Very cool! So I decided to give it a go.

Here's the shredded cake mixed with frosting and rolled into balls.
And dropped into melted white chocolate......Or Regular chocolate....These were supposed to look like pots of gold for St. Patricks day.

And these were green in honor of St Patricks day too. They are a lot of work..but a lot of fun. The kids love them and so do my co-workers. The most amazing thing is-I dont like them! And I like just about anything made with this much sugar! Very wierd.

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Morbida said...

I'm a sugar hound and wondered if I would like them. Sometimes too much sugar is just that , too much sugar. Hugs.