Thursday, August 6, 2009

back to normal?

Although i'm not sure what normal is anymore. This summer has been anything but normal but i think we are on our way back to it. The kids and the dog spent 9 weeks at mom's so i was home alone-WIERD! They are home now, and in 48 hours have completely trashed the house. Yep! thats normal! We went to get groceries and they begged and we spent a ton. Yep! thats normal! I'm now back to hearing "hannah montana" and "pheneas and ferb" on the tv(yuk!). Yep! thats normal! i've had to change my diet because of a medical issue. Not normal, and really not fun!

But since the kids are back i have quilt holders again! I've got 6 that need to be held up and photographed but since its raining (normal for Sturgis week). We will have to wait for this afternoon and hope for the best.

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Patchwork Penguin said...

9 weeks!!!! Can I rent your parents???? Honestly, I don't think my kids would last with mine for 9 weeks.... they'd be totally bored. Hope you get the house back together soon. Are you still in South Dakota?