Friday, August 21, 2009

running ragged

Where is this month going? I cannot believe the kids start school on monday already! It feels like we have been running full speed since the kids got home from mom's almost 3 weeks ago. We did all the school shopping, went through closets, and cleaned house the first week. The secong week has been fair prep-baking a ton of cookies/cakes/breads, sewing a few small projects, printing and mounting photos, and all sorts of "domestic stuff". I put 3 quilty projects in the fair too, which is fewer than usual for me but it seems i've given away more this year or something because I did not find many to take in the stack. And in between all that i've been working dilligently on 4 swaps too! The first is 2 sets of 12 blocks in red/white/black. One set is done the other is 1/2 done with a mail no later than date of sept 1-i'm pushing this one! Swap 2 is apple blocks-4 sets of 6 blocks. These are almost done, I just need to finish the buttonhole stitch on the leaves and stems. These need to be mailed by sept 15 i think. The last set is 6 in batik blocks, 3 sets of 12. I have nto started these yet but i've got till nov 1 to mail them. I also need to make a halloween table runner for a swap to be mailed by oct 1 i think.
The good news is that the fair started today! So that big pressure is off. The kids are mostly settled back into the school bedtime so as soon as i quit hearing wiggles from upstairs i'm headed down to work on those swap blocks. I only have a pic of the one but it gives an idea of what i've been working on.

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