Monday, September 14, 2009

bag lady

I've been making bags this weekend. The first 2 are for teacher and neighbor gifts. I made 13 total of those little ones. They are about 6x8 or so and will hold a little Halloween Gifty of some sort for "Boo-ing" the neighbors. Boo-ing is just hanging the bag on the doorknob, ringing the bell and running as fast as you can so they dont see you! The kids are really looking forward to doing this again this year.
The next one is pretty big, when i took the picture it had 5 skeins of Christmas yarn in it and you can barley tell its got anything in it. The Kitty one is for Sami's yarn since Grandma taught her to crochet this summer. The last one is the only one that has any sort of closure on it. I put a zipper in it and plan on using it for my afgan project. The theory is the zipper will keep most of the dog hair out of the yarn. I got dinged at the fair this year for dog hair in my yarn projects, so i want to avoid that next year!
I've got 4 more bags waiting for me to get the handles done. Two Christmas ones and two ballet/dance ones. I think i'm going to donate the dance ones for raffle prizes at the dance school's Christmas show.
Question: if i quilt the fabric for a bag, does it count as a quilty project? I if counts then I need to update my ticker up top! It kinda seems like i'm cheating if i count it tho......

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