Monday, September 14, 2009

A change of pace

Since dance and gymnastics classes for the kids have started for the year I now find myself with a LOT of time to just sit during those classes. Something like 6 hours a week! I know that some of those night will be full of errands and stuff like that but the first few weeks I wanted to sit and watch, so I brought along some thread crochet. I have not made doilys in probably 5 years! My crochet has been easy stuff-potholders, afgans, Edgings on flannel for baby blankets and stuff like that. Nothing in thread since we moved from Germany 3 years ago! So when i went back to the thread books and patterns I really had to think about it. The white doily was a royal PITA. I dont know if i had the wrong hook, a bad pattern or if i was just that far out of practice but I truly did not expect it to block flat. The Pineapples were pulled tight and the edges were ruffled! But with a lot of work and some starch it is flat and looks way better than I expected it to. If you are wondering about the slightly off color, the thread has a metallic red/green thread in with the white so its going to be a Christmas decoration. Its about 15 inches across at the widest point.
This one was MUCH easier! I have no idea what possesed me to buy this thread, varigateds are hard to use on doilys and thats about all I do in thread crochet but its kinda neat...maybe under a candle on the table with a blue table cloth?
Now that these 2 are done I need to find another travel project. I've got a neat pattern for a thread crochet angel using a cookie cutter as a body/base. Should I use red/white/blue (patriotic style) or red/white/green(Christmas)? Or should i jump on the homemade socks bandwagon and start a pair for myself? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

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crochetgal said...

Your work is beautiful. I love the way the multicoloured thread turned out. It has created a wonderful effect that isn't seen too often on doilies.