Tuesday, September 1, 2009

september goals

I think I need a list to keep me on track. Quilter's ADD has hit again and i'm bouncing from project to project and not getting done what I should be getting done. So, 10 finishes and a set of swap blocks for Sept are the goals.
  • Batik swap blocks
  • Quilt ladies lap finished
  • 30's RWB RR finished
  • Leaves lap finished
  • B&W lap finished
  • Hearts lap finished
  • 30's sampler lap finished
  • Music twin finished
  • Bearpaw twin finished
  • M&M rows full/queen finished
  • one 30's baby quilt finished

If it says i'm supposed to finish the project, i've got the blocks made and in some cases even sashed together and maybe even basted. I'll quilt all these myself probably mostly random meanders for simplicity's sake. I'll let you know onthe first of october how close i got and i'll post a new list then too!

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