Monday, December 7, 2009


I seem to have a thing for multiples of my projects lately. There are swap blocks that come in multiples of 12, candle mats that i made 9 of in this color way and have 10 more 1/2 finished in another colorway, then 3 bags all made from the same pattern in different colors. The candle mats are door prizes for our Christmas party this Friday. The 2 bags that have coffee mugs on them are mom's Christmas gifts. Since i'm pretty sure she does not read this I feel pretty safe posting these pictures. And if she does read it then i've just spoiled the surprise. Oh well! The bag with stripes is for me i think. The tote i'm using now is too white/light for winter so i'll switch over to this one till it warms up again.

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swooze said...

ok send me a pic of the runner you saved for me and lets get the details worked out!