Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sami's stuff

These are the mini notebooks Sami and I made. The first pic shows one open and then the second shows a stack of them. We made 12 of these during the blizzard. The ones with crayons on them will go to the teachers at her school at either valentines or the end of they year. It will depend on how long she can wait to give them. She loves to give presents so gettign her to wait might be harder than it sounds.
This is what 50 pillowcases looks like. 32 made from Christmas fabric and 18 made from assorted novelty prints.
This is what the other covered notebooks look like. I only took a pic of one open and closed and an uncovered one to show what we started with. We did 15 of these, and will probably do more if and when i can find the composition books on sale. We gave one of these to the dance teacher and it was a big hit. Of course the one we gave away had dance fabric on it not weddings.

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