Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stashbusting with Sami

things finished this week:
50 pillowcases
9 hemmed flannel baby blankets
2 rag quilts
12 covered mini notebooks
12 covered notebooks
9 covered binders
2 snowman runner tops for grandma
1 tree skirt Top for uncle B
36 swap blocks
1 tote bag for sami

approx total fabric used: 117 yards!
total fabric purchased: 6 yards
Net fabric for this week: 111 yards!!!!

Net total for the year? no idea

I was doing really well keeping track of what i used last winter and spring and even early summer. But then i got sick with an autoimmune thing that i'm still having issues with so quilting and record keeping and even a lot of the regular house keeping kinda went by the wayside. I'm feeling almost back to normal most days and I decided to try to go out with a bang as far as stash busting goes.
This weeks totals are huge but thats partly because we were snowed in for several days so lots got done, and I had Sami sewing while i cut and pinned. She's learning fast and did all the sewing on almost all of what got done this week. Except the swap blocks, she's not quite ready for those yet. Its been discovered that she likes smaller projects, like totes and pillows and so on because she has a hard time controlling the bigger parts, like sewing rows of squares together for the rag quilts. I need to think of some more projects for her to work on so she keeps sewing. I'm out of ideas right now so she's going to have to let me sew for the next day or 2 until we can get to the repair place that still has my good sewing machine. Then we can really double team my stash. I can't wait to see what happens when we both are sewing full speed ahead!


SpinningStar said...


Sami and the weather sure helped. That is amazing that you got so much done and 111 yards busted.

Just WOW!

Have a Happy New Year !


Mel said...

Oh my goodness you have been so busy. I'm happy someone was having a steller week. Keep on going!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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