Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#13 & #14

I finished these 2 last week before we went to mom's but could not get my quilt holders to help me take pics. I finally got a substitute and Sami to hold them up for me. The tree skirt was started last fall-it is about 60 in across, and the Blue and Yellow one was a mystery in 2007-its almost 70 in square. Thats a total of 14 ufo finishes for 2009 and i've got 3 more basted and ready to quilt!


Anonymous said...

When I saw your blue & yellow quilt, I thought, "hey, I like this!" Then when I read that it was a mystery, I did a double take. I,too, completed the same mystery - but in totally different colours. I do like your colours! Very nice!

swooze said...

Very nice. I love the blue and yellow quilt. Still have that pattern?

swooze said...

Did you ever quilt the RR we did together or is that the one that is causing you a design issue?

Darlene said...

Wow!!! 14 ufo finishes already!!?? Congrats. They look great. Keep up the good work.