Wednesday, January 7, 2009

first finishes of 2009

I Started this red and white quilt as a mystery on new year eve 2006 or new years day 2007. I'm not sure which. Its 60 inches square and I realized after I had sewn the top together that I had turned some of the blocks so that the real pattern does not show up properly-the white squares are not where they all belong but I was not about to re-do it when I was not really impressed with the project. The pink and green one was started in 2004 while we lived in Germany. Its about 64x72. The background pinks on both the center blocks and the border are the same color-but the print on them makes them look different which I think is why I did not like the top. Its also much softer colored than my usual quilts.


Bonnie said...

I love the red and white. It is spectacular. And, actually the misplaced white squares makes it more interesting if you ask me. I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. It always amazes me that quilts look so different to those who did NOT make them. Your quilt makes me want a red and white quilt too! Not that I have anything hanging around to do! HA!

Bradie said...

I realy like the red and white too. It turned out really pretty! I also really like the Christmas quilt. It's nice to see some non traditional Christmas quilts.

googler said...

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