Thursday, January 8, 2009

on the line

I had a request to see what my storage for ufos, so here's my tops waiting for quilting. There are 17 baby or bigger tops each on thier own hanger, and 35 or so runner tops which are all sharing a pants hanger. If I have the binding and backing for a specific quilt its hanging with the top but only 6 of these have thier backs figured out. I am guessing that if I quilt 2-3 a month and buy 1-2 backs a month I should run out of tops well before the end of the year, not counting the runners. There are also 2 hand pieced antique quilts hanging here and counted in the 17 but I do not believe that I will even attempt to do anything with them, mostly because they need some repair work that I dont think i'm qualified for and also because I dont think that I have the time or patience that hand quilting them would require.