Friday, January 30, 2009

random projects

Since i've been getting so many big projects finished this month, I decided I should see what was on my cutting table in the towering stacks of "to-do". First, my Dala horses, there are 6 blocks in this set-3 blue, 2 yellow and 1 red. I dont know how i'm going to set and finish them. The original plan was to make more blocks and make either one big wall hanging or 2-3 smaller ones. Now I dont know.
Next is a set of stack and whack style circles from Christmas fabric. Enough for 8 blocks. Original plan was runners-probably 2. One with 5 blocks and one with 3.
Then my stack of veggie/fruit blocks. I think there are enough there for a twin/full size quilt. They need to be trimmed and sashed together.
The ballet slippers are multiples of one I did last summer. I've got 2, one white background and one black background sitting there. These will be finished as small wall hangings and donated as raffle prizes to the kids dance school.
Believe it or not-thats only 4 of the 13 projects that I found. There are also: scrub tops for my SIL the xray tech, dresses for my neice, aprons, 2 other quilty ufos that i'm not sure i still have the instructions for, and at least 3 baby quilts in pieces.
I've still got 3 big quilts basted but i think that I am going to start working on some of these projects just for something different to do.

This is the whole table with everything spread out instead of stacked up like usual.

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