Tuesday, January 12, 2010

design wall monday...already late

I took this picture last night hoping to post it for design wall Monday over at Judy L's blog. But Someone was on the computer until way late last night so this morning has to be close enough. This is the first few blocks of one of my resolution quilts. The resolution was to empty out a cubby full of Christmas fabrics, so I've cut up about 3.5 yards of Christmas and white fabrics to start this quilt. I'm starting with any Christmas fabric that is cut width of fabric(as opposed to true scraps and fq) and less than 1/2 yard.

I seem to have lots of non traditional Christmas colors in my Christmas prints. Would you split them into a separate quilt? Or just toss them all in together? By non traditional i mean hot pink, lime green, purple, yellow, and i think there is a turquoise one in there too. I've probably got enough fabric to do 4-6 twin size quilts so i sure could split them up. I could even split off the blue snowflake/snowman ones and make a January quilt. What do you think? Mix them all up or make 3 disticnt sets?


Alycia said...

I think 3 distinct sets - that way they would have themes to them.

Brenda said...

Me?? I love scrappy, love the way the fabrics play together, and so, I would be tempted to toss the ones that I know would play nice, and have at it. If I really thought someone would not work, I might make it into it's own, but, normally, I have found, bits a peices go together nicely and give the project a nice Zing!!!

I like your blks so far, and with more variety in them, it will be alot of fun!!

And if you have enough for that many quilts, you are going to have fun!! By the way, I love non-traditional fabrics for Christmas!!!

Candace said...

If you have enough for 4-6, I'd be tempted to do a complete scrappy for fun, and a couple of themed quilts, also.