Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Plan b? or maybe plan c?

My good sewing machine went in for repairs back on Thanksgiving monday. I got a call on the tuesday before Christmas that is was ready to come home. The shop that specializes in Pfaff machines is about 250 miles away, so going to pick it up is not just a short trip. I've planned to go get it about 3 times since that phone call and so far it has not happened. The first attempt was Christmas week-we had a blizzard so no travel. Next attempt was New Years day, but the shop was closed for the holiday. Boy am I glad I called first! Today was attepmt number 3. We woke up to white out conditions and closed interstates. Guess what? I'm not going to go get the machine today either! Thank goodness Sami has a machine i can use or i'd be going more than a little crazy!

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