Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Goals

Last years summary:


120 finished quilty things most of them runners and other small projects
72 pillowcases
23 clothing items sewn
19 assorted bags

This years goals:

60 finished quilty things-I'm planning on more big finished this year and fewer little ones

Use up and empty out the fabrics in the Easter, Music, Ballet, Christmas, Civil War, and 30's Repros cubbys. Some of those will be easier said than done. Civil war cubby has about one big quilt in it but the Music cubby is really almost 2 full cubes.

Sort out the bookcase and put the books i want to keep in the filing cabinet so i can get rid of the book case(or at least move it somewhere else!)

Consolidate my other crafts(scrapbooking and crochet) into the newly empty cubbys.

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