Wednesday, January 6, 2010

no power

This is what happens at my house when the power goes out. There are 3 dogs, 2 kids and a husband all sprawled out sleeping in the living room. This photo was taken at about 3pm today right after our power came back on after being out for about 4 hours. The power outage seems to have been caused by a line down the street since our whole street was out. With a High temp of about 12f and winds in the 40mph range it could not have been fun fixing it! Since we have electric heat it got a little chilly. We thankfully have a gas stove so we were able to cook some lunch and then we made 3 types of fudge to keep the burner on hoping to keep at least one room warm. It worked sort of but not real well. Blankets and pillows seemed to be the better choice, at least according to the picture!

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