Sunday, January 10, 2010

stash report week #2

I had help this week. Hubby helped me baste 3 lap/twin size quilts so my yards used are pretty impressive until you realize that I STILL dont have my good machine back from the repair place. Its been there since Thanksgiving. Its ready to come home, but its 200 miles away and with the weather we have been having so far this winter I have nto been able to manage that trip. I'm either working or its blizzarding!

With out that machine I have a hard time quilting. My back up machine is good for piecing and making clothing but i'm no good at quilting on it. I can do in the ditch quilting on little things is about it until that machine comes home.

here's the report for the week:
yards in: 0
yards used:13

net for the year:
yards in: 0
yards used: 32


Scrappy-Quilter said...

I hope the weather breaks for you soon so you can get your quilting done. good report this week.

Miss Deb said...

Wow! 32 yards used and without your good machine. AMAIZING.

If my JUKI was in the shop I would probubly not get anything accomplished. I have 2 other machines but they are just not my JUKI.

Keep up the good work,